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Schools & Youth Groups

I offer schools storytelling sessions for all year groups (EYFS to KS5) These can be themed to suit your topic for that term and cover a range of subjects from history and heritage to nature and local legends. Below are some examples of the sessions I can deliver. Get in touch to find out how we can work together to bring the ancient art of storytelling to your school or group.


Storyteller Dawn Nelson has worked an indescribable magic from Year R all the way up to Y12. From Norse and Greek myths, to local tales and folklore from the land, I have had the genuine joy of watching the children listen, sing and join in with call and response (as if they all knew beforehand that they had a part to play!). 

Young people's ability to focus for long periods is often underestimated because of increasing reliance on technology. What today proved to me is that if you put a brilliant storyteller in front of them with a hoard of fantastic stories, they will listen, they will stop fidgeting, they do fall into the depths of the narrative to emerge triumphant at the other side.

Bryony Hart, Teacher Of English & Whole School Literacy, Portsmouth Grammar School


Portsmouth Pupil Poet Laureate

I am proud to be Portsmouth Education Partnership's (PEP), Pupil Poet Laureate for 2023-2024. This role is funded by PEP and hosted by Portsmouth Grammar School. Throughout the year I will be facilitating workshops for KS2 & KS3 aged pupils to explore poetry, themes and techniques in order to produce their own poetry, nurture a love of the spoken word and develop oracy skills. 

​The project will culminate in a clebration event, at the end of the school year, to celebrate their achievements and a pamphlet style publication to showcase their work.

IMG-20240308-WA0000 copy.jpg

Stories Through The Ages

In these workshops I tell sets of stories that relate to the era you are teaching.

I currently tell stories that are appropriate for the Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking eras. For these sessions I come in the costume of the era and teach pupils about the lives and beliefs of the people living in that time through performance storytelling. These sessions are ideal for YR3-6 (KS2)

Stone Circles & Barrows

Dancing women, sacred cows, Merlin's magic and sleeping kings. This workshop looks at the mystery of ancient landmarks and the stories and lore behind them using story and associated activities. 

Dance like it's Sunday, build a stone circle and learn about the King Under The Hill, this storytelling sessions is ideal for YR1-4 (KS1/2)

Image by Allie Dearie

The Nine Herb Charm

Ancient Anglo-Saxon medicine in the form of the Nine herb charm is explored in this workshop with the use of story and activities. 

Create a riddle, discover herblore, what Little Red Riding Hood actually had in her basket and create an ancient charm.

This storytelling sessions is ideal for YR1-4 (KS1/2)


'Fabulous storytime at Butser Farm today, my boys enjoyed it so much we bought the book.'


Amy Goggs


Philosophical Tales

Storytelling sessions take the form of English, French and Celtic folkltales in Iron age or Anglo Saxon costume. These are often local legends, heritage and stories that teach us environmental lessons. These stories often have more subtle morals which can be discussed in class and used to start exploring philosophy and ethics with young children.

These storytelling sessions are ideal for older KS2 aged children.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 2.01.15 PM.png
Dawn Nelson Hampshire Storytellerpng.png

Gods, Giants & Creation Myths

Greek, Norse and Celtic Myths are great stories for older children, opening up conversation about history, geography, mythology and even astronomy. 

These storytelling sessions are ideal for KS3 and beyond. 

Adventures In Nature

Telling seasonal stories, from my book, that follows the wheel of the year I bring nature and world around us to life with tales of the 'How The Whale Got His Barnacles', 'The Mole Who Loved The Sun,' 'The Brave Bat', 'The Star Beetle', Neville The Nautilus and more. 

These stoytelling session are ideal for EYFS/KS1 aged children and family festivals.



'Thank you so much for your story telling today - we took some quotes from the children at the end of the day it featured heavily as a part that they loved!

Kingsworthy Primary School, The Royal Opening Of The Arc, Winchester

'Great to work with Dawn again! She very cleverly re-developed our National Tea Day event for online consumption, and this hit our young family audiences perfectly. We had some great engagement with her video chapters of the story of Alice in Wonderland and still cannot believe how she managed to transform her living room into such a brilliant tea party scene. '

Katrina Foxton, Staunton Country Park (during the first lockdown 2020)

'We were so impressed with the mix of information included in the story, both imaginative whimsy and factual. and the choice of images.'

Sue Acton-Campbell, Friends Of Troopers Hill, Bristol

Storm in the village 1.jpg

Kamishibai Theatre

Local legends and folktales told with the use of Kamishibai theatre. song and music. These stories can be used to compliment subjects such as local history or nature studies. 

These storytelling sessions are ideal for EYFS/KS1 aged children. 


'Absolutely love listening to DD Storyteller. Her stories are so engaging ...'


Alison Scott


for information about my fees please click below or contact me for a quote 

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