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Tamborines and thunder makers, bells and rain shakers, my stories are interactive in a number of ways. With elements of song or poetry my stories engage creativity and imagination in order to teach children about the world around them. I tell traditional tales and my own original stories, inspired by nature and the fireside tales of our ancestors.  These can be adapted for different audiences and even personalised for that special event. 

Fairy door trails, pirate treasure hunts and stories from my book 'Adventures In Nature' can all be provided for your event. 

Prices start from £150. Please contact me via my contact page below to discuss the options available.Please contact me for a quote.



From full school assemblies to after school clubs I offer a variety of options for schools and children of all ages. These include, workshops, traditional tales, original stories, stories from history, and myths and legends.

Stories for EYFS/KS1

I tell, original and traditional tales told with puppets, props and Kamishabai theatre. From where snow comes from to how beetles navigate using the stars, children will discover the wonders of the world through story. At the end of each session a simple craft activity can be provided to encourage children to engage with the characters and themes within the story.

Prices start from £100 for a class of 30. Please contact me via the contact page below to discuss the options available.

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Storytelling Sessions For KS1/KS2/KS3

Kamishibai Theatre (KS1)

I am currently building repertoire of traditional stories for performance via Kamishibai. These stories can be linked in with learning about local history and the stories of our ancestors. Stories available are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood (Traditional Tale)

  • The Weather Pig (Local Hampshire Legend)

  • Tales of Dragons (Hampshire/Sussex Legends)

  • Shenkin and the Fairy Gold (Welsh Legend)

  • The Magic Porridge Pot (Traditional Tale)

  • Mother Holle (Traditional Tale)

Ancestor Stories (KS1/KS2)

These sessions are designed to compliment subjects taught in history and geography :

  • Ancient Fairytales - A Saxon twist on well loved tales

  • Iron Age Stories - Seasonal stories from the Celtic people

  • Environment - Lessons nature can teach us, reconnecting children with the outside world.

  • Around The World - Tales from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

Prices start from £100. Please contact me via my contact page below to discuss the options available.

Norse Myths & Saxon Adventures (KS2/KS3)

I am a member of a Saxon Reenactment group and can come to your school in authentic costume to tell the tales the tribe's scop would have told. Due to the themes within the stories this is currently available for KS2/KS3 aged pupils.  Examples of myths told:

  • The Creation Story

  • The Building Of Asgard's Walls

  • Idun's Apples

  • Thor's Journey To Utgard

Prices start from £100. Please contact me via my contact below above to discuss the options available.

Historical Tales (KS2/KS3)

These sessions are designed to compliment subjects taught in history and geography. Examples of these stories are:

  • Victorian Penny Dreadfuls

  • English Ballads

  • Norse Gods & Giants

Prices start from £100. Please contact me via my contact page below to discuss the options available.

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My Experience:

With many years experience creating and telling stories for young and old I have performed a variety of different community events. For a more detailed CV please contact me here.

Examples of clients:

  • Away Resorts

  • Portsmouth City Of Stories

  • Butser Ancient Farm

  • Royal Navy's HMS Duncan

  • Beachy Head Afterlight's Festival

  • Royal Opening of The Arc, Winchester

The Nitty Gritty

  • I am DBS checked and have a Peadiatric First Aid Certificate

  • I hold Public Liability Insurance 

  • I am a member of the Society For Storytellers

  • DD Storyteller should not be expected to be left in sole charge of any under 18 group, parents or helpers should be present at all times.

  • Fees do not include the hire of a venue for the storytelling session. 

  • Prices for craft activities are calculated on an individual basis.


'Thank you so much for your story telling today - we took some quotes from the children at the end of the day it featured heavily as a part that they loved!

Kingsworthy Primary School, The Royal Opening Of The Arc, Winchester

'Great to work with Dawn again! She very cleverly re-developed our National Tea Day event for online consumption, and this hit our young family audiences perfectly. We had some great engagement with her video chapters of the story of Alice in Wonderland and still cannot believe how she managed to transform her living room into such a brilliant tea party scene. '

Katrina Foxton, Staunton Country Park (during the first lockdown 2020)

'We were so impressed with the mix of information included in the story, both imaginative whimsy and factual. and the choice of images.'

Sue Acton-Campbell, Friends Of Troopers Hill, Bristol