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'Storyteller Dawn Nelson has worked an indescribable magic from Year R all the way up to Y12.'

Schools & Youth Groups

I offer schools and community storytelling sessions for all year groups (EYFS to KS5) These can be themed to suit your topic for that term and cover a range of subjects from history and heritage, to nature and local legends.

For EYFS, I tell interactive tales using my Kamishibai Theatre as well as nature orientated storytelling sessions using the stories from my book 'Adventures In Nature'.  


For KS2, I bring history to life with stories from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon & Viking eras. For these sessions I can also tell in historical clothing. 

For KS3 and beyond, myths and legends from the Celtic, Norse and Greek mythologies give a moment for thought and connection to the people who have walked this land before us. 

For all ages, the folklore of the South Downs landscape its flora, fauna, ancient landmarks, riddles and herb law encoded in the Old English Lacnunga can all be woven into a storytelling session or workshop. 

I am proud to be Portsmouth Education Partnership's (PEP), Pupil Poet Laureate for 2023-2024. This role is funded by PEP and hosted by Portsmouth Grammar School. Throughout the year I will be facilitating workshops for KS2 & KS3 aged pupils to explore poetry, themes and techniques in order to produce their own poetry, nurture a love of the spoken word and develop oracy skills. 

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to bring the ancient art of storytelling to young audiences building oracy and literary skills. 



Storyteller Dawn Nelson has worked an indescribable magic from Year R all the way up to Y12. From Norse and Greek myths, to local tales and folklore from the land, I have had the genuine joy of watching the children listen, sing and join in with call and response (as if they all knew beforehand that they had a part to play!). 

Young people's ability to focus for long periods is often underestimated because of increasing reliance on technology. What today proved to me is that if you put a brilliant storyteller in front of them with a hoard of fantastic stories, they will listen, they will stop fidgeting, they do fall into the depths of the narrative to emerge triumphant at the other side.

Bryony Hart, Teacher Of English & Whole School Literacy, Portsmouth Grammar School

'Fabulous storytime at Butser Farm today, my boys enjoyed it so much we bought the book.'


Amy Goggs, Visitor, Butser Ancient Farm

'Great to work with Dawn again! She very cleverly re-developed our National Tea Day event for online consumption, and this hit our young family audiences perfectly. We had some great engagement with her video chapters of the story of Alice in Wonderland and still cannot believe how she managed to transform her living room into such a brilliant tea party scene. '

Katrina Foxton, Staunton Country Park (during the first lockdown 2020)

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