Podcasts, Interviews & Articles  Featuring DD Storyteller

Below you will find some wonderful podcasts, magazines and blogs in which I have shared stories and been interviewed about my storytelling journey. Just click on the pictures to listen or read. 

If you would like me to appear as a guest on your podcast or to interview me for a publication or podcast then please do get in touch via the email address below. I look forward to hearing from you.  

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Guest on The Crone's Porch talking about story, heritage and ancestors. 

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Guest on Claire Skaptason's, 'Coach Your Way To Contentment' talking all things story and contentment.

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Guest on Tiffany Francis-Baker's, Creative Conservation Club talking about my path to storytelling. 

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Featured on Wildhart Radio sharing stories and nature connections with master storyteller Ashley Ramsden November 2021.

Featured on Petersfield Shine Radio in their coverage of Buster Ancient Farm's Equinox Boat Burning in September 2021.

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A  zine in which I take a walk and talk with Mark Ranger to complete the 5 mile zine loop walk from Testwood Lakes in Hampshire, to talk about the art of storytelling, the role of nature in folklore, and how we engage with the world around us.

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Guest on the Dragonfly Tales Podcast, telling my original story, The Village Cauldron.

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Guest on the Story Story Podcast, telling The Cat On The Dovrefjell.

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Guest On Pridie Tiernan's Blog, telling the Norse Creation Story, for her Folktrails series.

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Guest on The History & Folklore Podcast 'Changelings' episode, performing my version of 'Eggshell Soup'

Prompted by Nature Interview.png

Interview on the Prompted By Nature Podcast with Helen exploring the concept of Rewilding ourselves through story. 

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Article in Facts & Fiction Magazine - 'The Environmental Narrative' in which I discuss stories and how they can help us to connect with the world around us.