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Books Written By Dawn Nelson


Adventures In Nature
Hardback Book

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Stories Of The Sun
Hardback Book

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Stories Of The Sun (1).jpg

Due 2026


'I really love folk tales and nature stories. I collect them. This book is so wonderfully written'

Bhagya Rathnaweera - @bhagyareads via Instagram

'The best book I’ve ever read and I read tons of folklore books , but this lady is such a sparkle and so gifted at storytelling you would think you been took back in time to the bards and the poets 

Guinevere Rose, Amazon Review

'This book is such a treasure trove of inspiration! I love the mixture of stories, crafts, folklore and mindful moments in nature - there is so much to enjoy, no matter your age. .'

Tiffany Francis-Baker

'What a truly enchanting book. You start the book in January and begin with several mini fables to read to your children. From these fables you are given a sort of adventure guide of things to do out in the woods, but they will more than likely link back to the fables you have already read. '

Yeah Lifestyle

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