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Portsmouth Pupil Poet Laureate

I am proud to be Portsmouth Education Partnership's (PEP), Pupil Poet Laureate for 2023-2024. This role is funded by PEP and hosted by Portsmouth Grammar School. Throughout the year I will be facilitating workshops for KS2 & KS3 aged pupils to explore poetry, themes and techniques in order to produce their own poetry, nurture a love of the spoken word and develop oracy skills. 

The project will culminate in a celebration event, at the end of the school year, to celebrate their achievements and a pamphlet style publication to showcase their work.


Some highlights from the feedback so far for the Poet Laureate Programme has shown that pupils have expressed the following:


An increased enjoyment and enthusiasm for writing

A sense of being rewarded through being given an opportunity to be involved

Improved confidence in reading and writing

Improved confidence in interacting with people outside of the normal school setting

A new/improved interest in Literature

Feedback from Portsmouth Education Partnership

Storyteller Dawn Nelson has worked an indescribable magic from Year R all the way up to Y12. From Norse and Greek myths, to local tales and folklore from the land, I have had the genuine joy of watching the children listen, sing and join in with call and response (as if they all knew beforehand that they had a part to play!). 

Young people's ability to focus for long periods is often underestimated because of increasing reliance on technology. What today proved to me is that if you put a brilliant story
teller in front of them with a hoard of fantastic stories, they will listen, they will stop fidgeting, they do fall into the depths of the narrative to emerge triumphant at the other side.

'Dawn Nelson created a wonderfully safe space for pupils to learn how to perform poetry, something that the overloaded curriculum doesn't have much time for.'

Bryony Hart, Teacher Of English & Whole School Literacy, Portsmouth Grammar School

'The pleasure and power of story! During Lit Soc hearing a sixth former join you in singing each refrain of the chorus was delightful'

Dr Carol Webb, Head Librarian, Portsmouth Grammar School

'What a fantastic day. Pupil’s were still sharing their experiences on Friday. Thank you for your visit and the inspiration for our young people.' 

Alice Reader, Learning Support, Portsmouth Grammar School

IMG-20240308-WA0000 copy.jpg
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