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Portfolio Of Work For
South Downs National Park Authority

Completed July 2022 - July 2023

As maternity leave cover for the Place and Interpretation Officer at South Downs National Park Authority, I was the lead on all interpretation projects, working with multiple partners and stakeholders, to communicate the unique wildlife, heritage and the landscape found across the 100 miles of the South Downs, creating engaging interpretation, that encouraged partnership and custodianship.


Over the year I produced copy for and oversaw the design and installation of, multiple traditional interpretation boards for different communities and habitats within the National Park. Produced two walking tours for their In Their Footsteps App, one of which I researched, scripted and recorded. Produced content for the park’s social media channels in the form of podcasts, folklore and storytelling videos. Wrote articles for their magazine, press and website. Developed, scripted and produced an innovative accessible audio tour which explores the nature, landscape and seasons of the Seven Sisters Country Park.

Below are some examples of the work I completed in my year with the park. For a full CV of work please contact me. 

Cuckmere Accessible Audio Trail

I researched, scripted and oversaw the production and installation of this innovative new trail, that met the National Park For All outcomes of the park.

The trail encompasses five points along the Cuckmere Miles Without Stiles route and uses audio and soundscapes to explore the flora, fauna and changing seasons of the National Park making it accessible to those with visual impairment.

The audios are also presented as videos with subtitles in order to also make them accessible for those with audio impairment.


During my time with the SDNPA I wrote the briefs for and oversaw the design and installation of eighteen different, traditional interpretation boards. 

One of these projects was three traditional interpretation boards introducing visitors to the Seven Sisters Country Park, encouraging them to explore the Heritage Coast further with sustainable onwards travel.

Key behaviour messages such as cliff safety and dogs on leads were included. QR codes were used to point people in the direction of further information, bus timetables and translation apps. Bus stops going east and west now have interpretation. 

Seven Sisters Country Park Bus Stops - Traditional Interpretation Boards

Mobility Scooter branding and Decals 

As part of a  project funded by a Defra grant to help more people access the National Park, the park provided five mobility scooters for partners across the park. I created a brief and oversaw the design of decals for Trampers at partner sites and our own site. This project had a very tight turn around time of two weeks to brief, design and install for a press release and I achieved this deadline

Tramper 2.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.07.38.png

Worked with partners and ATS heritage to complete two walking tours for the National Park to be delivered via an app.


The first tour focused on the life and art of Flora Twort and her connection with Petersfield. I oversaw the scripting and production of this tour in partnership with Petersfield Museum and ATS Heritage .


For the second tour which highlighted the work of Pitt Rivers and his connection with the landscape at Seven Sisters Country Park, I researched, scripted, voiced and oversaw the production. This tour is due to be launched in July. 

In Their Footsteps Walking Tours

Lecterns For The South Downs Way

Created a brief and oversaw the design and production of two lecterns. One for the eastern end of the South Downs Way at Eastbourne and one for the new Chilcombe Link. Installed July 2024.

These lecterns highlighted places to visit within the South Downs National Park, the importance of the rare habitats along the way, the work of partners such as Butterfly Conservation and positive behaviour messaging. 

dark skies.jpeg

As part of the South Downs National Park's Dark Skies Festival, live events I performed stories for families and created   three folklore/stories of the stars videos for their YouTube and two mini podcast episodes featuring folklore and stories of the moon and stars. 

Dark Skies Festival 2023

Folklore & Storytelling Videos

During my year at the park I created eighteen folklore/storytelling videos that explored the heritage, nature and folklore of the South Downs. You can find all these videos via The South Downs National Park Authorities YouTube channel. 

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 11.59.47.png
Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 13.28.04.png

As well as my interpretation duties I wrote articles and press releases for South Downs publications such as the biannual South Downs View. 

Articles & Press Releases 

To discuss how we could work together on your project

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Over the spring and summer of 2021, Dawn undertook a project to create three interactive stories for our museum. From the start to the end of the project Dawn was both thorough and professional in her approach. She took the time to get to know our site and appreciate the special qualities of the place. She then undertook meticulous research to create stories which truly captured the personalities of the explorers celebrated in our museum, as well as bringing to life some of the unsung heroines in the form of mothers, aunts and sisters so that female voices were brought to the fore. Dawn's imaginative and creative approach means she finds many different ways to tell stories- the stories she created for our museum are interactive and multisensory, using both objects and sounds to take the audience to the darkness of an Antarctic winter or the savannah of Africa. Dawn researched, purchased and assembled the prop boxes which are an integral part of the stories. The stories Dawn created are continuing to entertain audiences both as part of our school's programme and as a part of our visitor offer. 

Fiona Oakley, Learning Programmes Manager, Gilbert White Field Studies Centre

'Dawn wrote and developed two special stories for Butser Ancient Farm. She delivered the stories to test them and then trained and supported a group of volunteers to tell the stories. It has been a real pleasure to work with Dawn. She is creative, responsive, happy to make changes and  very professional. Her story telling is greatly enjoyed by her audiences and her ability to share and develop those skills in others is a delight. I hope we can work with her again in the future.'

Sue Weber, Project Co-Ordinator, Buster Ancient Farm

In every phase - conception, writing, delivery and training – Dawn has been outstanding. Her research into the specific periods dealt with in each story, as well as her understanding of our particular requirements was excellent. Dawn consulted and sought feedback at every stage of the development of the project. Her engagement with the process and, in particular, with the members of our staff and our volunteers whom she trained was utterly first class.

Dawn has developed stories, delivered costumes and props, and engendered enthusiasm and skills in our storytellers which are now tangible assets for our business. We would recommend Dawn to any prospective client without hesitation.'

Maureen Page, Director, Buster Ancient Farm

DD Storyteller, was exceptionally professional in the setting up of her contract with us. She paid attention to detail and thoroughly engaged in the researching the history of Staunton Country Park in the development of her story and script. The materials she sourced were highly creative and she was flexible with the content of her story, so as to fit it with our requirements. Lastly, during the days performance of the story, Dawn had to gage attention of about 40 people in total during high winds—which she carried off with animation and grace! A pleasure to work with, looking forward to future projects with her.”

Katrina Foxton, Staunton Country Park, Hampshire.

for information about my fees please click below or contact me for a quote 

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