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Customer Reviews & Feedback

Storytelling is about capturing the imagination and embarking on a journey. It's an experience we can all share. If you've heard one of my stories, then please share your experience below. I'd love to hear about your journey ... to leave your own reveiw, please click here.

Maureen PAge
Director, Butser Anceint FArm


In every phase - conception, writing, delivery and training – Dawn has been outstanding. Her research into the specific periods dealt with in each story, as well as her understanding of our particular requirements was excellent. Dawn consulted and sought feedback at every stage of the development of the project. Her engagement with the process and, in particular, with the members of our staff and our volunteers whom she trained was utterly first class. next time.

Martyn Kille
Hambledon Arts Society

People were spellbound listening to your tales and the delightful way you told them. You have a great talent to stand there in front of an audience with no script and keep everyone’s attention as the story unfolds. You made it a great evening

patreon supporter


I love listening to stories and DD does it really well. Very engaging and also talks about background of stories, where they come from etc. which is great to hear. DD's stories are not just a performance of the story, she also engages with her audience so it feels more like you are included.

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