Storytelling Events & Workshops For Adults

Talks & Storytelling

I provide talks and storytelling for older audiences and can provide sessions that combine folklore and story for your groups or organisation. Examples include dark fairytales, mythical beings, folklore, the story collectors and more.

Throughout the 2020/21 pandemic I created a series of online storytelling events for adults through my 'Stories From Lore' series, which is now a podcast, and worked in collaboration with other talented storytellers to create sell out shows. 

I also provide an online subscription service via Patreon called 'Rewild Yourself Through Story,' and you can find more information on this here: Patreon

Fees vary depending on your requirements but as a guide start from £100.

Telling Stories at The Petersfield Books


My storytelling workshops invite you to 'Rewild Yourself Through Story' by focusing on the tales collected and told by our ancestors in order to reconnect with nature and the landscape around us through story. Participants have the opportunity to explore storytelling techniques through the use of theory and practical exercises to bring stories to life, as well as hints, tips and techniques on how to build their chosen narrative into a performance.

My nature journaling workshops for beginners help participants nuture the habit of nature connection through observation, seasonal and slow living, and writing. 


For more information on when and where I am next running a workshop please click on  my events page here. If you would like me to facilitate a workshop for your group or organisation please contact me via the contact page below.

Fees vary depending on your requirements and the number of participants but as a guide start from £250 for a day workshop. 

Herigeas Hundas

As a member of Herigeas Hundas Saxon Re-enactors you will find me telling Iron Age tales, Norse legends, ancient fairytales and English ballads. You can find more on the Herigeas Hundas events programme, here.

I am also telling at various events and talks throughout the year. To find out where I am next please see my events page.

The video is a super quick version of The Twa Sisters. The instruments and music are from Zingaro Blue and are based around the verses I sing during the story, so grab a coffee and stay a while.

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'Thank you so much for yur great storytelling last night. ' Belinda & David

'Spent an amazing day on a storytelling course learning about stories, nature and place, with DD Storyteller. I learnt so much and heard some wonderful tales. Definitely recommend her course and events.' Holly Medland


'A fabulous day at Butser Ancient Farm learning oral storytelling techniques by connecting with nature and place... with the awesome DD Storyteller' Richard Davies


'I spent yesterday in an incredible setting Butser Ancient Farm enjoying DD Storyteller's 'Rewild Yourself Through Story' workshop. The day was well organised and Dawn, herself, was lovely; so friendly and a natural teacher. The group was small enough for everyone to be heard if we chose to read out our work, in answer to exercises Dawn gave us. She kept us engaged, throughout; she told us a few tales to highlight points she had made; and she was also generous in answering my (possibly too!) many questions.
I will now keep a look-out for her future events and I highly recommend her to others.'
Fiona Lane


'I signed up to the story telling workshop with a mix of excitement and nerves. Dawn was great at making us all feel welcome and comfortable. It soon became clear there was no wrong answers, daft questions or prescribed way of storytelling. What we found was a font of knowledge, a space to explore and freedom to share. I came away inspired and feeling like I had made new friends. In fact I joined the Storytelling Club which takes place in the same amazing setting.' - Heather Chalkley