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Stories From Lore

'Stories From Lore' is a monthly podcast that invites you to ‘Rewild Yourself Through Story,‘ by exploring nature, folklore and the stories it inspires. 

Subjects such as black dogs, hares, frogs, Cailleachs, water spirits, mining folklore, hedgerows and much much more are explored in the podcast which combines folklore and traditional storytelling. 

Season 3 has seen the podcast's format change slightly with the addition of nature notes as you join me on a field trip and I will be singing some of the old english ballads. To listen to the lastest episode, visit my podcast page on Substack here


Apple Podcast Reviewers:

 I love this podcast- it calms my nerves and soothes my soul and educates me with every single episode and story '

'What a lovely way to spend my time. Listening to the story whilst painting was very soothing. Great information. Looking forward to the next podcast.'

'A really interesting and entertaining listen with a mix of stories and well researched folklore. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the stories'

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