digital downloads and printables

Below are a series of downloadable/printable journal exercises to help you to connect with various stories and the nature within them on a deeper level. You can complete these booklets independently or join us for one of my 'Rewilding Story Circles' at The Wild Nest Yoga Studio in Petersfield.

If you are unable to join us in person then you can buy and download the journals below. You can then join us via the Discord chat channel to share your experiences and explorations of the story. Please message me using the contact button below for a link to the group. 

A Little More About The Rewilding Circles:

During the evening we share stories, folklore and mindful moments to help us connect with the stories of our ancestors. The journals are provided as part of the evening to help explore the stories, folklore and nature discussed in the circle. If you would like to join us for one of these Rewilding Circles you can find more information via my events. 

A Little Note:

Please do not distribute these journals for non commercial or commercial use without the consent of Dawn Nelson (DD Storyteller). Many Thanks.