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Due to increasing printing costs, I will no longer be printing these zines. In the future these zines will be produced as e-zines for Paid Substack Subscribers. Work commitments dependant, these will hopefully resume in Autumn 2023. You can join my Substack here:




  • Yggdrasill - The Ásatru Edda
  • Ash - Fraxinus excelsi
  • Beneath The Bark - Folklore Of The Ash Tree
  • 'The Three Green Women Of The Hill' - Ash's Story
  • Under The Canopy - Ways To Connect With The Ash Tree
  • The Glaistig - A Mindful Moment For Wellbeing
  • Mycelium - How We Can Help The Ash Tree


More About The Zines:


The A-Z of rewilding stories is a series of limited edition zines that seeks to connect the reader with nature and the landscape that surrounds them one story at a time.

As we work through A-Z, each zine takes an element of nature as its focus and encourages connection through story, folklore and mindful moments.

To accompany each edition there is a link to an audio to compliment the mindful moment for wellbeing and a selection of exercises that will help you to connect with the story and the nature within it on a deeper level.


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