Storytelling Sessions For Your Event

Tamborines and thunder makers, bells and rain shakers, my stories are interactive in a number of ways. With elements of song or poetry my stories engage creativity and imagination in order to teach children about the world around them. I tell traditional tales and my own original stories, inspired by nature and the fireside tales of our ancestors.  These can be adapted for different audiences and even personalised for that special event. 

My fees start from £150 and prices vary depending on the length of the  session, group size, travel expenses and story requirements i.e. personalisation. Please contact me for a quote.

The Stories

Story Sack Tales

Original and traditional tales told with puppets and props with the use of a story sack. Children are encouraged to pick a prop or puppet from the bag and then I tell a story relating to that item. From the Billy Goats Gruff to a laughing woodpecker, children love finding out what stories are in the bag. 


Traditional Tales & Jukebox Story Stones 

have a treasury of original stories available through my Jukebox Story Stones. These stories are from my upcoming book 'Adventures In Nature' and are told with the use of story stones. The participants choose story stones from a miniature set of draws and a story is told based on the picture on that stone. In the style of fables and folktales these are traditional stories for all the family. A swift that flies to the sun, a little fish who chases his tale, a whale who makes friends with barnacles, a dragon who loves apple pie and a journeyman who learns to walk to the beat of his own drum are all stories included in these tales. 

Kamishibai Theatre 

I am currently building repertoire of traditional stories for performance via Kamishibai. Stories currently available are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • The Weather Pig

  • Tales of Dragons 

  • Shenkin and the Fairy Gold - Coming Soon.

Mini Mysteries featuring DD & Hugo: 

DD and Hugo are here to solve mysteries. Hugo is excellent at sniffing out the clues and DD, with the help of her mini detectives, will piece them together to solve the mystery. All mini mysteries include elements of nature for example woodland animals, ocean creatures and fairytale forests. 

The Case Of The Missing Apples: Where have all the apples gone? Only the animals know but first of all we need to work out who lives where. Meet the animals of the forest on a magical woodland adventure to unravel 'The Case Of The Missing Apples.'

The Case Of The Lost Sardine - Come on an ocean adventure to find Eddie the sardine's shoal. Eddie is lost and lonely. Journey around the lobster pot to uncover the clues and re-unite Eddy the sardine with his friends. 

The Missing Pot Of Gold: The gold has disappeared from the end of the rainbow but who has taken it? Meet fairy tale creatures, discover what they saw, recover the missing pot of the gold and create a rainbow on the way.

Alternative Themed Mysteries:


Polly's Pieces Of Eight: (Outdoor Event.) DD & Polly's ship has been wrecked on the sore after a terrible storm. Help Captain DD hunt for her jewels and her pirate parrot Polly, in a treasure hunt filled with sea creatures, a mermaid and a pirate. 

Children's Treasure Hunt Craft
Hampshire Storyteller, DD Storyteller
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My Experience:

With many years experience creating and telling stories for young and old I have performed a variety of different community events. For a more detailed CV please contact me here.

Examples of clients:

  • Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration

  • Away Resorts

  • Portsmouth City Of Stories

  •  Royal Victoria Country Park

  •  Butser Ancient Farm

  • Staunton Country Park

The Nitty Gritty

  • DD Storyteller should not be expected to be left in sole charge of any under 18 group, parents or helpers should be present at all times.

  • Fees do not include the hire of a venue for the storytelling session. To contact me for a quote click here.

  • Prices for craft activities are calculated on an individual basis.

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