Why I Love Fantastic Mr Fox

When I was at infant school - that's Y1 & Y2 or KS1 for those younger members of the audience - I was read, by my teacher Miss Cummings, the book 'Fantastic Mr Fox', by Roald Dahl. I remember my teacher's name and I remember that story. These were important years in my life.

Now my daughter is of school age and I decided to read the book to her. I tell her many stories and we read many books but we had yet to read the genius that is Roald Dahl.

Fantastic Mr Fox seemed like a great place to start and so we did.

She loved it! Just as I had when I was her age.

At first glance this fifty year old story seems to teach us that theft is OK if you are a poor starving animal that needs to feed it's family and you are only stealing from cruel and unpleasant humans, but if you examine the story closer it says much, much more than that.

It tells us of the light and the dark within us all and to recognise both sides. It shows us that some let that darker side run wild and unchecked (Bogis, Bunce and Bean) and others only use it if they really need to (Mr Fox). Ultimately though, the message that I hear is, no good is ever going to come of digging up a tree and the hill it stands on. In fact it means that Mr Fox steals more, and Bogis, Bunce and Bean become more bitter and twisted with their hatred of the world.

It's a great book with many layers and if you're looking to start reading Roald Dahl or you've already read this book, take it out again and have a read. It might be 50 years old bit it's a story for all times!

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