The Rewilding Story Circle Begins!

Merry Met Folks!

The Rewilding Story Circle at The Wild Nest in Petersfield got off to a great start yesterday evening. We gathered in the wondefully cosy yoga studios run by Maria and started our evening with a mindful moment and a chance to invoke the spirits of the hedgerow.

I then told some of my favourite fae stories - Shenkin's Fairy Gold & Yallery Brown. We talked about the folklore of the hedgerow and the fae that dwell within it and then had a break for warming herbal teas and homemade orange and chocolate torte, made by your's truly.

We then made some nine knot charms to honour the hawthorn and more folklore and stories were swapped.

It was such a wonderful space to share together and participants were able to take some guided journaling activities home so that they can continue to explore the nature, folklore and characters within the stories over the coming month before the next circle. We will meet again on the 26th June to explore the journey of the hirundines: swifts, swallows and martins.

I have also set up an open Discord chat channel so that we can continue the discussions on folklore, the stories and the journal activities.

If you were not able to join us then please do come and join us on Discord via this link: (please note this link expires in seven days, if you would like to join please message me and I can send you a new link)

If you would like to take part in the journal exercises you can download them here for £3.

Hedgerow Stories Journal (Patreons get a little discount code which you can find here)

Each time we have a circle I will add the journal to the digital downloads in the shop.

A note for those on the Ranger tier of my Patreon, before you purchase any journals from my online shop, check I haven't already posted it as part of the Ranger Tier rewards. Depending on the theme of the circle, some of these journals will be repeated, but some, like this hedgerow one, will be unique to the Rewilding Story Circle. If you are unsure, please do ask.

I hope to see you at the next circle or via the Discord channel. For now may your journies be full of stories.

Toodle Pip


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