Through Meadows & Over Bridges

We're having a blissfully sunny weekend here in the south of the UK and there is defintiely more than a hint of spring in air. For the last few weeks the Song Thrushes have been singing even through three back-to-back storms. Dudley, Eunice and Franklin, the three storms in question, felled many of the trees in our woods and there is still much evidence of the destruction the 60mph winds wreaked upon our arboreal friends. I wrote a poem about it here: After The Storm

Now in late February, as the wind dies down and the sun shines once more, the narcissi and hellebores are in full flower in the gardens. I have spotted daisies in the meadows, the start of blackthorn in the hedges and buds on the cherry trees.

There is, of course, a natural order to things and after the bleakness of winter, nature now seeks to find balance once more. We must have winter to have spring, spring to have summer and summer to have autumn. Old life must pass and decay in order to make room for new life. Nature knows this and stories show us this.

The message in stories that persists is that if that balance is not maintained, if the greed of a few is not checked, if one of us tries to take too much, well then nature will seek to rectify this.

This is the message in the tales that I have chosen for you for February. The stories below are from the fields and meadows and either tell of triumph over adversity when someone tries to take too much from the land, the consequences of taking too much or the consequences of thinking that you are more important than anything else on the earth that we share. I hope you enjoy them.

Stories From The Meadows:

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