Seven Magical Selkie Facts

Updated: May 25, 2020

This second story on Patreon for Ramblers this month is based on two stories: one of the most famous Selkie stories, 'The Selkie & The Fisherman' and another Celtic Selkie tale, 'The Seal Catcher & The Selkie.'  Selkies are magical creatures that few have seen but many believe are far more than myths and legends and so I thought I'd share some magical Selkie facts for you. If you have any of your own, be sure to share them in the comments. I'd love to hear them.

1.  Selkie are seal folk and it is thought that they can only shapeshift into humans at certain times of the year: Midsommer or in a cycle such as once every seven days.

2.  Selkies are kind hearted not like the finfolk, and they save sailors from drowning.

3.  Selkies love to dance in the moonlight

4.  If you take a Selkie ’s skin, they cannot return to the sea and will have to stay with you but be careful, for they will always long for the ocean. 

5.  If a woman wishes to entice a selkie man to the shore she must perform a ritual. She must go to the edge of the sea and cry seven tears into it, where upon the beautiful Selkie man will appear and seek ‘unlawful love’.

6.  The Selkie song is said to be mournful and float on the breeze

7.  Originating in Orkney Selkie is Orcadian for seal, however Selkies or seal people also appear in Scandinavian, Saami and  Inut  folklore

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