Seashore Adventures - With Guest Expert Emily Stroud

Hello and welcome to the first of my 'Adventures In Nature' expert posts.

The first two of July's stories in my book 'Adventures In Nature' are 'A New Home For Herman' and 'How The Whale Got His Barnacles'. Both these stories feature the animals in the rock pools of UK shores and the accompanying activities in the book suggest a variety of ways to discover these little wonders. So this week I have invited Emily Stroud, a marine biologist, to share with us a little bit about the creatures you may find on the shore and in rock pools.

The idea is that you read the story/ies in the book and then have a go at the activities and ambark on your own 'Adventure In Nature'. So here are Emily's top spots along the sea shore to help you in your seashore adventures this month.

If you enjoyed the video you can find lots more of Emily's seashore adventures via Instagram as @sea_me_shine and on Facebook and Sea Me Shine.

If you can't get to a sandy beach or one with rock pools then there are other ideas for you to exlpore in the book. To get you started with your adventures in nature, here's me telling 'How The Whale Got His Barnacles,' from the book.

If you've taken part in your own seashore adventure I'd love to hear about it so don't forget to leave a comment below, find me on Instagram as @dd_storyteller or on Facebook as DDStoryteller. I can't wait to share stories and adventures in nature with you.

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