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Resolutions For A Waning Moon

January's Newsletter - To read the full newsletter visit Cerridwen's Cauldron via the link at the bottom of the post.


Waning energy is banishing energy. Obstacles be gone, coughs and colds get thee behind me and, with the right intention, bad habits will soon melt like the moon into the darkness of the winter sky. It's a good time for getting rid of that which no longer serves you. This is the Earth's magic, beneath the soil and mulching leaves, resting, recharging and renewing.

I have not made resolutions as such this year, instead small goals that will help me to reach my desired destination in both my personal and working life. Small goals can be flexed and adapted to respond to the path you are walking. As Tim Minchin said in his excellent speech for the 2013 graduates of the University of Western Australia:

‘If you focus too far in front of you, you won’t see the shiny thing out the corner of your eye.’

This is how I've always worked. It does mean, however, that you sometimes forget to celebrate the successes found in those little goals. Pausing to celebrate is important too.

January and February are always slightly slower months on the storytelling front, but I do have some big projects I'm working on. I’m delivering a workshop for Brighton Metropolitan College art students for their ‘Reviving Folktales’ project, leading this year's wassail at Butser as the lady of the wassail and continuing with the Portsmouth Poet Laureate programme I'm delivering for Portsmouth Education Partnership.

January’s stories will include green women, selkies and apple tree men as I continue to connect people with the landscape of Hampshire, Sussex and the South Downs through story. You may also notice there are some slight changes to the newsletter with a plant of the month and a podcast of the month replacing the usual music track.

This month, landing in your inbox, there will be the usual, book review and updates as well as the long overdue episode of my own podcast: Stories From Lore - Season 4 Episode 4: ‘Persephone’s Pomegranate’.

Coming up this month for paid subscribers there's another poem in my Symphony of Animals, ‘Badger’ and the next Hearths & Halls Imbolc (late January). In addition, podcast extras will include ‘Kitchen Witching: Fruit Of The Underworld’, a themed playlist, and a transcript of the folklore section from the podcast episode.

I hope you have a great start to the New Year and much prosperity for 2024.

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