Printable Bookmark: Mr Fox By Joseph Jacobs

Updated: May 25, 2020

The story of Mr Fox, that I posted on Patreon on Friday for the Rambler tier and above, is a gruesome tale collected by Joseph Jacobs, an Australian who emigrated to England. On his walks around the countryside he would stop and talk to people and hear their stories and this is where many of his stories came from. 

You can use this link - - for a one minute book review that is a very quick look at a reprint of the original English Fairytales printed c1902 and illustrated by John D. Batten. 

Over on Patreon subscribers can download a PDF bookmark I have created with the theme of Mr Fox. The main illustration on the bookmark is John D. Batten's and the small shield below it is by Herbert Cole, another illustrator from the early 1900s who was heavily influenced by Walter Crane. This illustration can be found in, 'Fairy Gold: A Book Of Old English Fairytales.' 


If you liked this post and would like to listen to the story of Mr Fox, you can subscribe to my Patreon via this link.

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