New Beginnings

Like it or not January is the beginning of a new year and for many this signifies new starts, resolutions and intentions. But have you ever noticed how many new beginnings start at the end of a story?

There are the obvious one's, the end of a traditional fairytale, you know the ones when the happy couple overcome adversity and walk off into the sunset. These stories focus on the journey and the necessity to endure the trials that are thrown at you in order to receive the reward at the end. Perhaps these stories help us to keep putting one foot in front of the other in order to achieve a new beginning.

Then there are the not so obvious ones for example when the selkie woman returns to the sea with her children after her enforced kidnap by the fisherman. Perhaps what this story shows us is that she has a chance to begin again with a new skin. Perhaps these stories give us hope of new beginnings, in the face of terrible hardship. Trite but perhaps hope.

And then there are stories like Kate Crackernuts' who journeys to find a cure for her cursed sister and not only finds a new beginning for herself but a new begining for her sister too. Stories like this one, and that of Prince Lindworm, show us compassion and selflessness will lead to new beginnings.

There are also stories where time has moved on and many new beginnings have occured in the protagonist's absence. The Italian folktale 'One Night In Paradise' and the tradtional folktales telling of those taken by the fairies, show that sometimes by chosing one path you may have missed many other beginnings.

Of course new life is a new beginning and in story this can come in strange guises for example, 'The Singing Bone' shows that death may not necessarily be the end. The ultimate end can in itself be a beginning, perhaps.

Finally, the most obvious new beginning stories are creation stories. Stories that give birth to new worlds, creatures and a pantheon of gods and their tales.

There is no denying that this last two years have been a challenge for us all in so many ways. So many times we have had to start again, remake plans, stop in order to move forward and it's exhausting, like the epic journey stories of 'East Of The Sun West of The Moon,' or 'The Boy Who Went To The North Wind', and these stories show us that stories themselves are vignettes of our lives which are made up of many many stories.

So here's to new beginnings whenever they may occur and let us hold hope in our hearts that 2022 tells joyful stories for us all and to help us on the way, I've listed a few stories below for you and some links so that you can watch, read or listen to them if you wish:

New Beginning Stories:

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