Nautilus Adventures

This week you are invited to read 'Special Delivery' from 'Adventures In Nature', available here, or via all good bookshops and then take part in the activity. before taking a look at the Nautilus facts and resources I have gathered for you in this blog post.

In 'Adventures In Nature', after you've read 'Special Delivery,' I show you how to create your own tic tac toe. We also created our own nautilus and shrimp tic tac toe and had great fun seeing who would get their message through to the king of the sea.

The images I used are via the Biodiversity Heritage Library and instructions for the game are in the book. I have also included the nautilus and shrimp images for you to use here:

Once you've read the story and played the game, why not have a look through some extras I've put together for you below:

My Top 5 Nautilus Facts:

A look at the Chambers Within The Nautilus:

Hunting Nautilus vidoe from the wonderful Planet Earth with David Attenborough -

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