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Fairy Lights In The Hibernaculum

December's Newsletter - To read the full newsletter visit Cerridwen's Cauldron via the link at the bottom of the post.

Merry Met Virtual Traveller

And so it is that winter arrives with a smattering of snow and a heavy dose of fairy lights. We’ve had solar panels fitted on the roof of our abode just in time for the sun to dissapear below the horizon for the darkest days of the year, but they will sit patiently and wait its return.

I am a child of winter and I love the months where the home becomes the hibernaculum and we feast on the work of summer. Pickled leeks, cheese boards, fruited goods and this year what looks to be a very fine jar of black truffle honey from White Horse Honey. I like to try and support local makers at this time of year and White Horse Honey promises to be very good whilst giving a nod in the direction of one of my favourite features of the English landscape.

CC BY-SA 2.0 Westbury White horse

December is a busy month again and by the time you have read this I will already have told stories for my first event of the month with Slake Sprits in an evening of yuletide folktales and cocktails.

Later in the month I am at Redhouse Museum in Christchurch, Butser Anicent Farm in Hampshire and The Weald & Downland Living Musuem in Sussex. You can find links to all of these yuletide family storytelling sessions on my events page. There will be some old favourites told and some new tales in the repertoire this year with, Cat On The Dovrefjell, The Twelve Months, The Winter Dragon, The Fairy Baker and Jack And The Dancing Trees.

If you’re looking for somehting a little darker, Jason Buck and I are back for a New Year online storytelling show to frighten the last rements of 2023 into the shadows. We'll be bringing the best of the dark half of the year, the boggarts and boggles, the banshees and trolls straight to your living room and you can book tickets via my events page.

I may also have a little story for you later in month. Plans are afoot for filming that one and I will be sure to let you know if and when it comes to fruition.

Coming up this month on Substack for paid subscribers is an episode of Hearth’s & Halls and this month we are travelling back in time to the Roman feast of Saturnalia.

There will be the usual, book review and updates along the way too. I hope you all have a magical festive season full of helpful hobs, troll busting polar bears and dancing trees.

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