20th November 2019

I've been reading 'Rewild Yourself', by Simon Barnes. Many of the ways to rewild yourself featured in the book are things that I do already or did as a child. One thing I've forgotten how to do though is just sit. Barnes calls it the long sit. I've decided to try and get outside, whatever the weather, for a Wednesday Wander each week and just sit somewhere and watch. Today I managed about 15 minutes before I felt the beckoning of the central heating and the whistle of the kettle. As I sat I saw Starlings gathering in the trees, chattering as they re-aquainted themselves with the fields after their long journey to the UK to winter here. The buzzard mewed its morning call, sending the Rooks into an affronted frenzy of cawing. The wind blew it's cold breathe on my face warning me of the winter to come and the sun peeked through the clouds and warmed my soul. I think I'm going to sit a bit more.

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