Blue Skies, Blue Beetles, Vineyards & Wheat Fields

A trip through the vineyard, blu skies above.

Today we managed to get out for a wonderful walk in the glorious bank holiday sunshine. Through the village vineyard, over the down and across the wheat fields.

I spotted the first dog roses, listened to the the sky larks singing high above us, magpies squawking around their nests and in the meadow we were met by a chorus of stridulating crickets and grasshoppers. Magical!

As we walked through the vineyard I made friends with a beautiful little blue beetle. I think it was a blue mint beetle, a real treat. The blue mint beetle has only been in this country since 2011 and was first seen in Hampshire in 2012. This picture really doesn't do the metallic blue in this beetle's shell justice. It was a little jewel amongst the budding grapes.

Blue Mint Beetle Friend

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