As Clever As A Seven Year Old

Updated: May 25, 2020

I love corvids. Yes they plunder the nests of smaller birds and create havoc on the bird table but they only take what they need and they are in fact very intelligent birds. 

There are two rooks which visit me regularly. Sitting on the dormer window roof just under the window to the study where I sit and type, they know that if they are hungry, they can shout at me and I'll come and put bird seed on the table for them. They don't do this all the time, only when they can't find food elsewhere. They once woke me up at 530 shouting from the garden as they couldn't get my attention. This was when they were quite young. They soon learned that this was not the way to get what they wanted when I opened the window and told them in no uncertain terms that this was not breakfast time. 

Magpies also live near us. I love the squawk and chatter of magpies. They're often in pairs nesting in the really tall trees, around the house, not already claimed but the rooks. Up at Butser Ancient Farm, where I do a lot of telling I once saw ten in a field all together. A wondrous sight! Their entry in the 13th century medieval bestiaries makes reference to their squawking and chattering. I'd love to know what they were saying. 

Ravens are particularly clever birds and have been said to have the intelligence of a seven year old. I found this video created by Falconry and Me on Youtube, so I won't say any more about them but instead let Fable the raven speak for herself. Yes that's right, she talks!

Watch Fable The Raven here -

On Patreon this Friday I'm telling the Tibetan story of 'The Frog And The Crow', for Adventurers and Rangers. I'll see you there.

Toodle Pip!


NB// The picture of the book above is of 'Bestiary, MS Bodley 764, translated by Richard Barber. 

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