Across The Fields & Through The Wildflowers

On Tuesday the sun shone bright and we went for a walk along paths that we have not ventured along for about six years. We discovered the farmland had changed immeasurably since we had last walked that way and fields which once had livestock in them, now had crops. However there were also many more wildflowers on the edges of these fields.

It warmed my heart to see poppies amongst the wheat, tiny Scarlet Pimpernels dotted at the edges along with strips of wildflowers beside the glorious fields of flax and barley.

Snails hung from grass stems, butterflies and bees flitted too and from the thistles and poppies and tiny black beetles, well, beetled. I think you'll agree it's a splendid sight. The hobs have been working the land hard and many creatures have found new homes here amongst our food.

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