A New Chapter

Merry Met Folks,

The last two months have been full of book writing and learning new stories but as always life doesn't necessarily take you down the paths you were expecting it to. Sometimes a new path reveals itself in the forest and this month that's exactly what happened.

I have been offered a job in heritage and landscape interpretation! It's a temporary contract for 9 - 12 months and it's an amazing oppotunity for me to use what I have learnt over the last six years about, nature, the landscape, story and heritage interpretation, and build on that knowledge with a team of individuals working in the same area.

It's a full time job and but it is a temporary contract so I will be also be continuing with as much of the in person storytelling as I can. My priority will be the events that I currently have booked, plus writing my second book. The contract starts at the end of July and so my plan is to get the first epsiode of the podcast uploaded for you all, along with the extra Patreon content for each tier. I will then be pausing the Patreon and the podcast until at least the new year. This will give me a chance to see what my workload is like and how I can balance the storytelling with the new contract. Then if possible I can start Season 4 again in the New Year. Thank you all in advance for your understanding whilst I begin this new adventure and a bg thank you for joining me on this journey so far.

If you would like me to tell stories at your event, I am still storytelling so please do get in contact and I will do my best to help. Here's to the beginning of new stories DD

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