7th March 2020 - Lagomorph Report

I was up early this morning as despite the intended hare spotting trip to Mallam Down being on hold, I had been reliably informed there were hares in a field not too far from me. So off I went and arrived at said field for just before 6 (sun just coming up). I walked a mile up and down the fields stopping to scan the countryside with my binoculars and staying downwind. I saw nothing that I could hand on heart say was a hare. At 730 after seeing some interesting birds (meadow pipits, buzzards and kestrels) but not even a rabbit never mind a hare I did a slow drive back up the road towards home when I was almost at the end, what should I see but a great big hare, standing tall about 3 metres from the road staring straight at me! I of course stopped, it legged it so I got out and sat for a while. Twenty minutes later the darn thing had not shown itself again but I had got my eye in and reckon I saw about two or three hunkered down. I got a decent but fuzzy shot of one (below) but by that time the day was starting in earnest. At 8 o' clock I think I was a bit late at the point. The sky was grey I had been rained on and I was cold. I shall return early on a sunny day when I next get the opportunity, for now I know where they are I think I will need to exercise patience and persistence of I am to see my magnificent lagomorph again.

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