Creative Writing Tutor & Home Schooling

I offer a range of workshops for KS1 & KS2 aged pupils, in the Hampshire area, on writing, creativity and storytelling. These can be run as home tutoring sessions for individuals or home schooling workshops for groups. Prices start from £20 per hour plus travel.

An example of a 5 week KS2 programme for coaching creativity and writing can be found below. I would love to hear from you and help light the spark of creativity that dwells inside us all, so for more information please contact me by using the contact form at the bottom of the page

Example of a 5 Week Programme

Below is the basic outline of a five week programme, each session lasting an hour and helping the student to build confidence in their creativity and a way to hone and structure their ideas into narratives. Homework is set between the sessions so that by the end of the programme the student will have produced a short story using the techniques taught within the course. 

Week 1:

How to find your creative space, where do ideas come from and the basic structure of stories. In this session we examine the basic structure of story and build a skeleton to hang our story on. 

Week 2:


Developing characters within our story. To create three dimensional characters we need to get to know them as writers, readers and tellers. In this session we do just that. 

Week 3

Building a world for the story to live in. World building is important to create depth in a story and this session helps to build on the students ideas, bringing the world of their story to life. 

Week 4:


Stretching the imagination. The imagination is  muscle and in this sessions we look at how to exercise that muscle. 

Week 5:

chance to build on the basic editing skills we have been using throughout the course and to hone the students final story.

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