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Tales Of Dragons Mini Anthology 
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An A6 saddle stitched, mini anthology of dragon tales for all the family. 


Five Dragons To Spot In The UK

Four Tales Of Dragons

  1. A Dragon’s Best Friend

  2. Malachi The Timid 

  3. The Dragon That Couldn’t Win 

  4. Draco’s Dish

Important Notes

Dragon Spotting 101

Dragon Sized Apple Pie Recipe



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A Deadly Orientation: Paperback Book
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A Deadly Orientation: Paperback - UK postage only


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A Deadly Orientation by D S Nelson -


'... I was lost in a forest of assumptions and I needed co-ordinates to get to the truth.'

Retired milliner Blake Hetherington has set himself up as a Private Investigator. Hetherington's Mystery Millinery is now a reality and as always, archaeologist Miss Delilah Delibes and her boyfriend Detective Sergeant Claringdon are more than happy to help. 

Geocachers, foragers, murderers and archaeologists all feature in this tale that finds our heroes on the trail of valuable missing artefacts. Together Blake and Delilah must unpick a mystery that dates back to the time of El Dorado. A tale of tragedy and deception, will Blake be able to solve the case before it's too late.

'Nelson really has a talent for writing, which keeps you on your toes at all times.' Megan Fitt, Amazon Reviewer.