Welcome To The Creative Musings Exchange

If you've arrived here you've found the 'Creative Musings Exchange', a friendly bunch of creatives who once a season, send each other musings and missives through the post.





How It Works:

Each quarter/season a theme is set for that round of musings. The names of the people wishing to take part are put into a hat and they are paired up. It is expected that you would send one letter/missive/musing to your swap partner within the three month period, based on the theme of that swap. For example for the spring swap 2020 you would put together one letter that includes a piece writing, a diary excerpt, a drawing, a poem or whatever you wish to send on the theme of 'Down By The River'. You should receive a letter in return but life happens so if for some reason you do not receive a letter by the end of the season, let me know and I will send you one instead. 

Note// This swap is organised via Instagram. I do not hold addresses. Instead your handle names are swapped via Instagram. It is then up to you to exchange addresses. 


Once the three months have elapsed then the next swap starts up and you will be contacted with a new swap partner.  





Themes For 2020/21:

Spring - (March, April, May) - Down By The River

Summer - (June, July, August) - On The Longest Day

Autumn - (September, October, November) - My Neck Of The Woods

Winter - (December, January, February) - Let Hibernation Begin

Guidelines for Sending Your Letter:

  • Be as creative as you like with the theme, for example include polaroids/pictures of finds, recipes, a favourite tea bag or pressed flowers - just be careful of those dimensions and customs restrictions. 

  • If you wish to send more than one letter during the swap quarter or continue correspondence after the swap, then that is entirely up to you; who knows, you may make some lovely new creative friends and want to do this but there is no pressure to continue correspondence. 

  • Once your letter is ready, check the letter's dimensions before sending. Sometimes there is only a few millimetres difference between a letter and a parcel and the price difference can be huge.

  • Each letter needs to be clearly address, with the correct postage on it and a return address on the back, just in case it doesn't make it.

  • Life happens so if you have signed up but don't think you will make the date then please contact me so that I can make alternative arrangements for your swap partner.

  • If you wish to share your missive on social media, once it has arrived then please do, although you do not have to. If you do please add the hashtag #creativemusingsexchange so we can all find them and ensure that you cover any addresses in the picture to protect your privacy and that of your swap partners.



There's lots more great information on how to get writing and join the slow mail revolution over on Naomi Bulger's incredible website, Naomi Loves,  packed full of helpful hints and tips. You can find the website here and if you join her mailing list, she'll send you a free e-book all about the art of letter writing. 

If you have an Instagram account and would like to join the exchange then please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page or via Instagram @dd_storyteller.

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