Butser Storytelling Club

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Butser Storytelling Club

'Butser Storytelling Club has been running for two years. We are an informal club that meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the unique setting of Butser Ancient Farm.


It's a club for all those interested in story and the oral storytelling tradition. Join us as we gather around the fire in the Saxon house to recreate the mead halls of old, to tell stories or just listen. Wonder stories, fairy tales, legends, myths or anecdotes, are all encouraged. 

In the true tradition of oral storytelling, you are invited to prepare a story based on the month’s theme and to tell it rather than read it, on the night. It doesn’t have to be long: 3-10 minutes. Not sure what traditional storytelling is? Come along and find out. 


Hosted by Butser Ancient Farm and DD Storyteller, entry is £5 on the door. Cake and mead will be served (restrictions dependent) but you’re welcome to bring a flask of your own hot drink. On a dark night you may wish to bring a torch to light your way and enter by the side gate as the shop will be closed.

Recommended age 12+

All are welcome and if you are interested in joining us, please contact me via the form below to book your place around the fire.

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