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Hi, I'm Dawn Nelson, also known as DD Storyteller. I live in a village on the beautiful South Downs and my passion is connecting people with nature, history and the landscape that surrounds them, through storytelling. Working as an author, storyteller and consultant, I write and perform interactive, original and traditional tales, as well as creating story based events, workshops and storytelling clubs for all ages. I have had a passion for stories all my life, from the epic sagas of the old worlds to the anecdote told between friends at the dinner table, so come join me around the fire as I'd love to tell you a story.


I believe that one of the ways we can reconnect with the Earth is through story. Our ancestors left the answers right there, coded into their tales: be kind to each other, do not take your fellow animals for granted, create strong bonds and respect the earth. Like nature, stories have a rhythm too and once we have relearned the rhythms and patterns present in our ancestor’s tales, we will be able to hear when nature tells us its own stories, through its rhythms and patterns. What’s more, we’ll want to listen. 


Below are the many ways in which I help people to do this.


Heritage Work

My work with  heritage sites  has seen me write, produce and perform interactive stories that bring history alive for children and encourage the next generation to invest in their heritage and local community. In addition I train volunteers and staff to tell these stories so that sites can continue to perform them as part of their educational offer. A Victorian military hospital, Neolithic house, Iron Age sheep, embassies to China, the Night Watch, Regency dockyards, Antarctic explorations and the work of Gilbert White have all appeared in my stories.




My online offer includes events, interactive videos, Patreon subscription platform and a podcast. Over lockdown I performed over 40 online shows for a variety of audiences, independently, in collaboration with other storytellers and in association with local libraries and heritage sites. 

I continue to produce videos for my Youtube account and online events for public and private event. 

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Butser Storytelling Club

I run Butser Storytelling Club an informal group who meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the unique setting of Butser Ancient Farm.


It's a club for all those interested in story and the oral storytelling tradition. Join us as we gather around the fire in the Saxon house to recreate the mead halls of old, to tell stories or just listen. Wonder stories, fairy tales, legends, myths or anecdotes, are all encouraged. 

In the true tradition of oral storytelling, you are invited to prepare a story based on the month’s theme and to tell it rather than read it, on the night. It doesn’t have to be long: 3-10 minutes. Not sure what traditional storytelling is? Come along and find out. 

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Events & Workshops For Adults

I provide talks and storytelling for older audiences and will happily provide talks for your groups or organisation on the origins of story, mythical beings, folklore, the story collectors and more.


My workshops focus on the stories of our childhood and those that connect us with nature, in order to understand ourselves and reconnect with the Earth as well as providing ways you can start telling your own stories.

As a reenactor I perfrom as part of the group Herigea Hundas and you can find me storytelling at their events regularly.

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Schools, Festivals & Community Events

I provide workshops and storytelling sesions covering heritage and nature, which tie into national curriculum. From the Stone Age to the present day and  I have a variety of ways to provide interactive educational experiences for children that connect them with nature and the world around them allowing them to learn through play. 

I can also provide sessions based on the seasons and the Wheel Of The Year using the stories and acvities in my book 'Adventures In Nature'.




Underpinning all my work is my love of nature, the land and connecting with it through story, and you can  visit my blog for ways to connect with heritage and wildlife through story.

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