Storytelling For Schools (EYFS - KS2)

Stories for EYFS/KS1

Story Sack Tales:

Original and traditional tales told with puppets and props with the use of a story sack. Children are encouraged to pick a prop or puppet from the bag and then I tell a story relating to that item. From the Billy Goats Gruff to a laughing woodpecker, children love finding out what stories are in the bag. 

A Magical Mini Mystery From Hugo:

Hugo and I can visit your class or school assembly to perform one of our Magical Mini Mysteries. Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10, each mystery is interactive and invites children to learn through play. Performances last approximately 30 minutes and more information about the stories can be found below. 

The Case Of The Missing Apples:

 (Topic suggestion - magical woodlands and nature)

Where have all the apples gone? Only the animals know but first of all we need to work out who lives where. With the use of a clue sheet and an animal footprint on the front of each door, children are invited to meet the animals of the forest on a magical woodland adventure, to unravel 'The Case Of The Missing Apples.' 

The Case Of The Lost Sardine 

(Topic Suggestion - seas & oceans)

Come on an ocean adventure to find Eddie the sardine's shoal. Eddie is lost and lonely. Journey around the lobster pot and talk to the animals that live in the harbour, to uncover the clues and re-unite Eddy the sardine with his friends. 

The Missing Pot Of Gold: 

(Topic suggestion - fairytales, magical woodlands and nature)

The gold has disappeared from the end of the rainbow but who has taken it? Meet fairy tale creatures, discover what they saw, recover the missing pot of the gold and create a rainbow on the way.

Prices start from £90 for a one hour session, for up to 30 children. Please contact me via the contact page above to discuss the options available.


Stories For KS1/KS2

Jukebox Story Stones Workshops 

Through the use of story stones and the tradition of storytelling, the Jukebox Story Stones Workshop, aimed at KS1, engages children in the art of storytelling, inspiring imagination and creativity, whilst developing speaking and listening skills.

Using elements of Pie Corbett's, Talk For Writing model, children have the opportunity to listen to original fable style stories, explore the structure of these stories, make their own story stone and come together to create a collaborative story of their own.

With  100 story stones to choose from, the workshop can be adapted to fit a particular topic and allow children to explore new ideas within this topic with the help of Óðr and the ideas hat. 

Kamishibai Theatre 

I am currently building repertoire of traditional stories for performance via Kamishibai. Stories available are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • The Weather Pig

  • Tales of Dragons 

  • Shenkin and the Fairy Gold - Coming Soon.

Norse Myths

Currently available for KS2 aged pupils, examples of myths told:

  • The Creation Story

  • The Building Of Asgard's Walls

  • Idun's Apples

  • Thor's Journey To Utgard

Prices start from £90 for a one hour session, for up to 30 children. Please contact me via my contact page above to discuss the options available.

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