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Who Stole The Jam Tarts?


Adapted fro the well known book 'Alice In Wonderland,' by Lewis Carroll, join DD Storyteller for an evening in Wonderland. Can you keep your head and solve the riddles before it's too late? Alice has disappeared down the rabbit hole but can your team help her escape from Wonderland by unravelling the clues. 

Murder Mystery Evenings

My quiz style murder mystery evenings feature Blake Hetherington, the protagonist in my murder mystery series, written under the name, D S Nelson. They are all modern stories with a golden age, vintage feel and the evenings use the format of a quiz in order to allow participants to collect clues and evidence that will help them decide who dunnit. 

Quiz evenings are designed for six teams of eight and have four rounds. With the use of props and written dialogue the teams listen to sections of the story and answer questions at the end of each round based on that section of the story.


The winner is the team that has an eye for detail. There is plenty of opportunity for those with theatrical flair to join in as we meet the characters, the drama unfolds and the teams get to test their detective skills.

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Mysteries Available:

Hats Off To Murder

Blake is a hapless milliner with an eye for detail. The tale follows six customers of Blake's London hat shop to uncover their part in some mysterious deaths. Learn about the personalities under the hats as we join the Bowlers, Stetsons, Fedoras, Gainsboroughs, Berets and Bretons to discover who dunnit in a tale about hats, blackmail and barges based on the Blake Hetherington short story - 'Hats Off To Murder.'

The Visitors Book

Delilah hosts an evening of murder, mystery and intrigue, with another case from the journal of her friend and amateur sleuth, Blake Hetherington. Whilst visiting his family in Devon, Blake is supposed to be relaxing, but murder just seems to follow him. He discovers the local mayor has died in a fishing accident. The mayors’ wife is a family friend and is convinced her husband has been murdered. Join Delilah to unravel a mystery based on the Blake Hetherington Mystery 'The Visitors Book.'

One For The Rook 

It is said that an Englishman’s home is his castle but for Blake Hetherington it is his beloved allotment. That is until murder visits the village of Tuesbury. With the ‘Rambleteers’ threatening the future of the allotments and an escaped prisoner on the loose, are any of the plots safe? With the help of Delilah Delibes will Blake unravel the mystery before another death occurs?

Live & Let Bee

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings and Blake Hetherington knows this only too well. This next case, finds our beloved detective on a remote feudal island to celebrate a wedding, but after two mysterious deaths, is he able to resist investigating a case that involves warring honey farms, Russian oligarchs and a dark family secret?'

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